At Copenhagen Coaching Center we strive to improve the quality of coaching and leadership by providing people with knowledge and methodologies that enables them to deliver coaching and leadership on the highest level. We are a value-driven company and meet our customers with respect and dignity in order to support the personal and professional development of our students and clients.

Master of Business Coaching Consulting Coaching

Master of Business Coaching

The Master of Business Coaching is a 2-years program divided into four semesters providing students with conceptual frameworks reflecting a cognitive, psycho-dynamic and systemic-narrative approach. The education is anchored within both philosophical and psychological thinking. The MBC develops the student’s coaching capabilities in order to handle a variety of business related issues. We are facilitating a learning environment where students are developing skills in order to take on the responsibility of serving employees and leaders with coaching. The education has an accreditation from EMCC and thereby valid in whole Europe.

CCC offers an International Master of Business Coaching in Copenhagen. The teaching is carried out in English.

The price is 6.000 Euros pr. semester.

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We are offering consultancy to international clients, helping them with leadership ideas and programs to carry out valuable developmental projects and business processes. We are experienced within strategy, leadership development, executive coaching and organizational development. We are tailoring our consultancy services to clients in order to create the most valuable results. Furthermore, we have a strong mindset anchored within philosophy and psychology that provide us with a holistic view on business processes.

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We are preferred supplier to international clients, providing them with developmental leadership processes that stands out with significant value. Our coaching approach is based on several years of experience focusing on solution-based coaching. Executive coaching is fulfilling the task of creating clarity and stimulates the idea of indomitable leadership. Leadership is very much about handling uncertainty and to give creational forces direction – we support both aspects og leadership.

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